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Keret House Update

Back in July of 2011 I covered a very narrow house called the Keret House (read the post here) that was being built in a very small alley way.  The House is currently considered to be the world’s narrowest house at 3 feet at it’s narrowest and 5 at its widest.  At the time it was only a concept, but now it has finally been finished for us to check out.

Your Turn!

  • Could you live in this house?
  1. Clever design but *not in a million years!!!* I was getting anxious just watching. Yikers!

  2. Hello claustrophobia!

  3. I could stay in a space like that on a vacation or or a short stay, but I don’t think I could live there…

  4. I would love to live there (assuming it is in a nice area). I think it is brilliant.
    However, I would also have the staircase pivot upwards so one could walk on the risers to get to the second floor, using one of the clever fold down floor pieces that were shown at the top.
    I also think that clever built ins could add a lot to the functionality of this house.

  5. If I were single and without kids,and it being in town (where I’d be much more flexable as to where I’d live to be able to pedal everywhere instead of drive…),yes,I would. A bit too tight for my 2 kids,wife and I as is however 🙂

  6. No. If it were 6 feet at its thinnest and 10 at its widest I might, but that’s just ridiculous. I’m a country girl through and through, I need wide open spaces and scenery, not walls, walls and more walls! It’s a neat idea, just not for me.

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