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Julie’s Cozy House

I wish I could find some exterior shots to this house, but as of now, no luck.  This Tiny House sits pretty at 410 square feet.  It really is just a big open area that has very well defined spaces by the use of colors and built in elements to separate areas by function.  One downside I see is the need for a bit more storage, but their might be some hidden somewhere. This little house is located in Portland Oregon.


  1. This is awesome and very livable…

  2. I absolutely love this home. How does one go about replicating its design?

    Also, are their tiny homes for sale in the Pacific Northwest?

    My dream…

  3. Awesome and very stylish; I really, really love it!!! I wish I could find something like that… I think I would do something different about the bed, though. It takes up the whole room the way she has it.

  4. This came from Apartment Therapy: http://gallery.apartmenttherapy.com/photo/sf-jt-tour/item/153589

    The reason why there are no exterior shots is because it’s an apartment.

  5. Wow! Way to go Julie! I wouldn’t chang a thing about this space.

  6. Regarding the apparent lack of storage – I see three doors in the two bedroom photos. They could very well open to closets.

    There is also plenty of room between the foot of the bed and the long wall to cover that wall with nice cabinets perhaps 12-15 inches deep.

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