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Hus.ett – Swedish Small House

This house is deceptively larger that you would think from the photos, but it still is a small house that two adults live in.  The designer and owner wanted to build a house to human scale, something that intuitively harmonized with a person.  If you were to take an adult have them stretch out their arms, then outline the form in large arks, you’d get something close to this shape.


  1. This is so wonderful! Is there a link that I can go to to read more about it, please?

  2. I understand the concept of smaller less cluttered hoses, but this seems extreme. The models look like they are in a prison cell. Is one burner really a kitchen?
    I had a small house 900 sq feet with a real kitchen bath living room and 3 bedrooms. This ‘exercise’ in minimalism is not very realistic for anyone that might have a friend visit or like to do anything other than stare at their cramped space and think how many kilowatts they are saving by living like a rat in a box.

    A more realistic small scale would serve to help convince non-lunatics to also consider something other than a McMansion.

  3. take it easy, bill. to each their own. they obviously took a lot of time planning and building this structure, so it’s not very likely that they find it repellant as do you.

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