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Homeless Chateau

There has been discussion swirling around using Tiny Houses for meeting the needs of homeless populations. I found this great Tiny House that can also address these needs.

Homeless Chateau is fabricated from standard 4 x 8 and 4 x 4-foot sheets of plywood, OSB and construction signs, and can be knocked down, transported flat, and erected quickly and easily with just a screwdriver. Once assembled, the structure can be moved around the host space on its casters and then set in place with a temporary foundation–two bricks under the front. Homeless Chateau can be easily reconfigured and combined to make dual-occupancy and eight-foot-tall structures.


  1. I love the pallet as cabinet and shelf space. Very creative!

  2. I recently heard this statistic on a radio interview program (I believe it was the author of “Little House on A Small Planet”) –

    “For every homeless person in the United States, there are currently 50 vacant/empty homes.”

    And yet, we continue to build shelters for “homeless” people, and new home sales are still an indicator of economic “health”?

    I think we need to re-think the whole picture.

    • I’ve seen similar stats but the article went on to indicate that most of the vacancies are because the places are priced so high people can’t afford them. Couple that with the fact that the big pockets of money and investment have huge holdings in real estate, condos, property of many types (and they are only interested in creating bigger pockets of money). The reality is they couldn’t care less about the impact to society, or its current state.

  3. I agree with Ilana. However, for those who choose to decline structures of the McCastle variety (there is a large street population who decline deliberately, even when shelter – alternative housing – is offered, could benefit from the 4×8 structure shown. Add dumpster Tyvek or cast off poly-tarps, and the shelter becomes a bit more air tight, water-resistant and private. Great article. gg

    • I can’t speak for all but my experience of several folks I’ve met is something that may make no sense to those with the picket fence and 2.3 children, the soccer mom SUV, etc. Regardless of their circumstances there is still a shred of pride they are trying to hold onto. In some cases they don’t want feels like a handout. They want their life back. In other cases, they’ve lost so much they now have a freedom. If you have nothing more to lose then you can’t be disappointed any further. There are a host of reasons. The trick is getting them to buy into their own safety and making an investment in themselves again.

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