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Hinterlands Cabin

I found this little cabin in the Hinterlands, it is only 200 square feet and was designed to be mainly an office, but it does have a loft bed.  Unfortunately these are all the photos I could get my hands on.  

The designer wanted to share this about the cabin:

A children’s book designer needed a workspace that was separate from the main house. The challenge was to replace the existing shed, located at the top of a steep hill, with a small studio that used its exact footprint. The homeowner wanted the studio to be small but airy, bright but cozy, inspirational yet modest. But most importantly, modern yet in keeping with the rustic charm of the country. Within a one-month schedule, and a very modest budget, we did a complete demo of the existing shed, and provided design-build from the ground up with a new foundation, framing and finishes, new utilities, custom-built workspaces and interior millwork. We used salvaged windows, siding and doors, and repurposed timbres for interior shelving and storage. The studio, tucked into the trees, provides expansive views of the ocean through large windows that inject light into the space and provide inspiration.


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