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Hide-Away Table

This is a kinda neat table and bench, folding and sliding to different configurations and even defined spaces.


  1. This strikes me as especially handy for folks who host regular gatherings (I do D&D games), but who don’t need a huge table for themselves. Unfortunately, it seems to require a home made for it. :-/ I’d like to see more of these sorts of solutions that can be used by those of us wanting to downsize progressively, like the Resource Furniture.

  2. Brilliant. Where would we be without great designers. The table basically folds away and you are left with all that room. I love it.

    • People always ask me how it would be possible to live in such a small space. I always come back with “great design”. Today’s houses are big which means they can get away with bad design.

  3. Just the neat, thoughtful simple yet eye catching and truly functional design.
    Many Thanks.
    I wish to design 500sqf home.
    Please tell me how to start.

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