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Have A Tiny House Question?

Have a tiny house question that you’ve been dying to get answered?

I have setup a new page that lets you do just that, ask your questions!

You’ll need a microphone on your computer, because we are taking the audio of our readers asking their questions and then answering them in a videos to come!  It works almost like leaving me a voice-mail, but its through the computer.



You can check it out and ask your questions here: http://thetinylife.com/ask-the-tiny-life



  1. Okay, Ryan, here’s the big question. Who’s going to ANSWER the questions? :-)

    • I will be answering the question and I might even pull in some other awesome tiny housers to as well. Once we get a bunch of questions, we are going to choose the best and answer them on a video!

  2. good morning–Do you know if Tiny Houses would be permissible in the Raleigh or Wilmington, N.C. vicinities ? Thank you !

  3. I don’t have a microphone, but was wondering if a tiny house on wheels would be allowed in both San Jose, CA and Cloverdale, CA?

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