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Hausmann Style Tiny House

At times I still wonder if 130 square feet is too small, but here is another example of a house this size that packs a lot of punch by utilizing the vertical.  Today’s post was pointed out to me by a reader, thanks Sergio! I have been seeing a lot of houses and apartments that are utilizing this drawer/sliding style of beds which I really like.  The elevated level brings depth to the house, but I wonder how it impacts the resident’s perception of size.  Does breaking the small space into two levels make it feel smaller or bigger?












  1. omg i LOVE it! want to see more pics!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think the two levels make it appear larger. I would love to see more pics tho, of the kitchen and bath.

  3. I love this! Are there closets? Where is the heating unit kept? More pics please!

    • I think the unit is wall mounted near the ceiling (gray) in the main living area. These can be purchased as heat/ac combos too.

      • I love so much about this design. I will be stealing some details for my tiny home design. So many ideas off of this- MERCI!!

  4. I’m with everyone else – would love for information on the designer/builder/owner as well!

  5. Drooling over the design and thought behind this. GIMME MORE INFO!!!!

  6. Absolutely stunning. This is the aesthetic that I want in a tiny home.

  7. Perfect for me 😀 Minimalism at it’s best!

  8. I was always a fan of the Murphy bed for it’s ‘space saving,’ features. I also like the Frankenstein bed that raises up to the ceiling on a pulley system.

    These are great ideas though, even for a contemporary suburban house. I am going to incorporate these.

    One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about, is why we don’t list house sizes in ‘cubic feet’, instead of square feet. I have seen so many houses with 12 foot high ceilings, and I see about 4-5 feet of unused wasted space there.

  9. I googled ‘frankenstein beds’ to find companies that sell this kind of pre-made ‘bed on a pulley system’ product but didn’t find any matches. Have you seen any companies that sell this kind of bed system, or does one have to construct it on their own?

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