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Harbour Attic

Harbour Attic is an apartment located in the charming fishing village of Camogli, in the province of Genoa, Italy.  With a main bedroom and then a multifunctional space that has a hidden bed in the floor, this place can sleep quite a few people in it.

“The house is located in the old fishermen village of Camogli. The project aim was to build two bedrooms, a studio, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom, despite the gambrel roof and the very small floor surface. That led to a custom-cut apartment, where each room is a furniture: after you have used it, you can close it.”











  1. This was well thought out now if we start incorporating beds retractable to the ceiling, the other half of the family can enjoy visiting. I am starting to weeken and on my rebuild or should I say new refurbished, I think I am going to steal another 250 feet. I can easily live in the 250 I have but a recent accident has led me to think about other equipment an injured elder may require as time goes on. Having that space opened allowed me to have an aid, (friend to babysit for a few days) and it was nice not having to rent a motel. I am also experiencing a slight paralysis in the hand that got burnt. that space was reserved for a take out dining room in our mobile cafe project, using concepts like the ones shown here could possibly make that room multi functional. Thanks for the post Ryan as usual you stimulate thinking… however in my case sometimes that’s a dangerous place to go.

  2. Is anyone out there working on or knowing anyone working on levating or retracting beds or am I the only one interested and that concept. A good example of what I spoke about can be found on just about any page featuring Safari RVs. (Note) I do know some had problems in the earlier models,they are still building so they may have the quirks worked out. I had hoped to build my idea but for expedience would like to purchase a good working product.

    • Have you seen the garage door Murphy bed? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEVjimSaH2s The bed part of the video starts around 4:29

      • Alice this is written in hast as I am just in and out these days, thanks for the link that was great and well worth watching What an innovating fellow that guy is. I looked at the one that roll out of the wall like the old roll top desks and they have all the kinks worked out but the price is a little high. (for me anyway) I still seem suck on elevating it to the ceiling or lowering it from “whatever” stage I am in, yep, I am confused also.

  3. I LOVE this one. I am totally in love with clean, modern look and this just does it for me.

  4. Nothing gives you a good night’s rest like having your head next to a refrigeration compressor.

    No thanks.

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