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Gregory and Emily’s

I was emailed this gem located in NYC, it is an apartment sitting at 629 square feet, so its rather large for this blog, but there are two individuals living in it, so I’ll let it slide.

The couple renovated this 1917 fixer-upper from a rundown apartment to an appealing pad.  While the retro feel of the place might not be for everyone, the layout is pretty great for maximizing space.

  1. My husband, 16 month old son, and I live in 629 square feet, in the first floor of a row house in Southwest Washington, DC. I’ve taken it on as my personal mission to keep us in the space as long as possible, and am in the process of transforming the under-the-stairs closet space into a little toddler bed nook. I’ve become something of a tiny house fanatic in the process. Thanks for your blog and your discoveries!

  2. Also, since there are two cats living there, it’s actually like living in ~350 square feet.

  3. Lots of wasted space.

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