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Green Flusher

dual flush

So I promise you this blog isn’t turning into thepottylife.com but I found this and got really excited.  Only as of late have we seen dual flush toilets hit the market in the US.  While these are in most homes in other countries, we have yet to really adopt it, but soon I think we will see a strong demand for these in new homes.  While this technology isn’t new by any standards, I ran into this which I have dubbed “green flusher” that replaces you standard flusher (with some fancier internals) that does the same task.  This type of handle is often seen on more public bathrooms which is to have a much larger impact.

green flusher

For some reason they only targeted Woman’s restrooms, which is silly since there are a good solid portion of men who prefer to pee in stalls, albeit standing up.   Its an interesting idea and would love to see it be required in public/government institutions.

green flusher 2

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