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One thing that I have got away from is talking about more is life simplification and strategies to make life more focused on what is important.  A side note, I did two posts today, this and another (see below) more Tiny House geared.

One of the important things about wanting a simple life is to know what your goals are and focus on them.   A Tiny House can help with this as it removes a lot of extra stuff.  To achieve this, it means  at times, saying no to things that fall outside of those goals. I find it useful to actually write them down, I have a little book I keep on hand that I have several “big picture” things, the first of which is life goals.

little book

Today I wanted to ask this question.

If you died tomorrow, what would you wish you had done?

I will share my list, please feel free to list yours, it can be useful to hear people’s comments and suggestions about achieving them.  So here it goes, some are kinda odd, but if you read the most popular post of mine to date, Be Weird, you will understand.

  1. Learn to Sail, cross the Gulf of Mexico to see the Giant Stingray Migration of 100,000+ stingrays
  2. Learn to play the Banjo and Harmonica
  3. Take a vacation in Costa Rica for 6 months
  4. Write a book title: TBD
  5. Build a Dune Buggy from scratch
  6. Move into a Tiny House
  7. Build a Tear Drop trailer and go for a road trip
  8. Have a pet Capybara
  9. Grow my own food (vegetable and meat)
  10. Be with those I love

What are your goals?

Post your life goals in the comments section.

  1. A very good question, here are mine, many are inner connected.

    1.) Love my wife with all my heart for all my life (currently in progress ^_^)
    2.) Support my family through the end of their lives.
    2.) Build a completely self sufficient homestead: tiny house, renewable energy, self contained water system, garden, chickens, etc…
    3.) Build a dune buggie: 4 wheel independant electric drive, desiel generator, full power transfer kit, 40 mile battery pack. Sort of a plug in hybrid sort of thing.
    4.) Visit Ireland and New Zealand. Consider relocation.
    5.) Loose 100 lbs (I’m currently 320).
    6.) Be more generious with both time and money.
    7.) Learn to be happy on $20K/yr or less.

    • New Zealand is gorgeous! I was fortunate enough to go there a few years back, the only things i wish I did was go backpacking there and also snow skiing

    • I like #1 the best!!!

  2. Hey grant- its actually cool to see “big dudes” in this small housing movement= as a good many people have the mistaken and preconceived notion that tiny house living and interest, could only be for tiny people- which is certainly not true.

    As for my bucket list-
    I’d LOVE to WALK across the US…
    Travel to Egypt, and about 9000 other things…life’s too darn short…


  3. 1. Have and successfully raise a child.
    2. Move to England successfully.
    3. Live in a home that is mine, with a garden both pretty and functional.
    4. Run a cafe (the Flaming Pansy) with my spouse.
    5. Get my head in some semblance of order and figure out who I am.
    6. Transition to male, whatever that ends up meaning for me personally.
    7. Earn a college degree for something.
    8. Get my rabbit, Colin, back with me (he’s in a foster home right now).
    9. Continue to win NaNoWriMo (I won for the first time in 09) and work my way up to finally getting a book published. A book that will be popular enough to have fanfic, as I consider this the ultimate achievement in a writer’s career.
    10. Travel to all the places I wish, and enjoy them with my spouse.

    I haven’t done any of these, as I’m homeless. But having nothing makes you acutely aware of what is important to have.

    • I will second your number 3! Owning my home and having a great garden are something I have dreamed about for a while.

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