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Fracking Gaining Public Awareness

It has been interesting to watch the growing awareness of the dangers of fracking, but is it large enough to sway Federal law yet?  I have seen a large uptick in articles on fracking and the discussion has certainly been coming up a whole lot more.  I have to keep reminding myself that I am pretty well in the loop on most environmental issues, at least at a cursory level.  So sometime we forget that what is common knowledge to us, doesn’t represent the general population.  I use what I call “the mother test”.  When I think about public awareness I think about would my own mother talk about the issue with her friends.  If the answer is yes, it has likely hit the main stream consciousness.  Here is a great music video animation about fracking

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    This is a great video! I didn’t realize the gas companies didn’t have to worry about water safety. People are going to kill themselves off; we don’t need to wait till some judgement day by God.

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