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Fold Up Container House

While this container home isn’t going to win any awards for looks, the fact that it opens up to three times its width in only a few minutes is pretty impressive.  This is obviously geared to remote location work sites, relief work, or military applications but I thought it was worth sharing!



  1. Hey building performance specialist here, any information on insulation R-value, envelope tightness (blower door reading), and HVAC load? I am curious about the effect of all the sealing requirements on total building tightness and thus conditioning efficiency.

  2. Speaking of folding homes you should look at Magnolia mobile homes that were built in the late 60’s early 70’s. My parents bought one in 1971. My brother lives in it now that they are gone. It is a 10′ wide x 50′ traveling size long mobile home that unfolds to 24′ x 50′. It unfolds in a couple hours with just 2 people. My dad did it with just me ( a teen girl at the time ) and my little brother. They moved the trailer three times. My parents bought this particular trailer because at the time the military would move your single wide trailer but only pay for half of a double wide. I believe it was made in Georgia or Mississippi. They bought theirs in Columbus, Ga. It is a very well made trailer. I live in Oklahoma and there are three that I know of within a half hour drive. I have seen old brochures for them at old mobile home lovers websites.

  3. The one website with a picture is allmanufacturedhomes.com.

  4. These are coming up for auction occasionally… so far all in CA, but the prices are CHEAP at $3,200 to $4,500. Not bad for a weekend place or hunting cabin in the woods. Add a small container walk-in cooler (for sale by Uncle Sam all over), a Humvee and you’ve got around $750,000 (new list) of goods for around $9,000.00

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