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Farms Of The Future

This video is a bit long, but it is really well done and give some major food for thought, no pun intended.  See how this UK farmer re-evaluates her family farm and its future.

  1. Incredible find Ryan. Loved watching the movie want to learn more about forest gardens and permaculture.

    • I couldn’t believe this gem was just out there for free, its great. I been having a lot of “ah-ha” moments in the past few days, as I have been reading up on permaculture. The forest garden was one of them, it rung very true when I walked to the back of the community garden I run and found these fruits on the ground. I looked up and noticed there were tons of them hanging from the trees. After some research I discovered they were black walnuts, with 4 trees I can expect 3000 walnuts to drop! 3000! And not one bit of work to grow them is the even more incredible part.

      Now just expand this to an entire grove of trees, one that is designed, which segments things so that at any give point you have things turning ripe.

      • Outstanding film…will do what I can to distribute it. However, re all those free and effortless black walnuts. Evidently you’ve never actually harvested black walnuts, because it is hardly effortless to extract the little critters from their incredibly tough shells. You can read about this on line. The wife and I set up on the kitchen table with a sturdy vice and picks, and it took the two of us about three hours to get two cups of shelled black walnuts.

        • I am in the process of harvesting them now, they are hard to crack, so right now I am trying to figure out a better way.

          • You can find suggestions online. We found that careful manipulation of a sturdy vice, so that the shell cracks in two or three pieces, worked best for us. Then it’s the pick work. And you will find, despite your best efforts, that you still get a bit of shell occasionally when eating the nut meats. But it’s worth it, as these are partiuclarly flavorful nuts.

  2. Wish we had more forest gardening/permaculture in the states. Great film. Thanks.

  3. p.s. Other alternatives are a sledge hammer on a solid rock, enclosed in a box to catch what goes flying. “Natural way” is to substitute appropriate rock for hammer, but gloves help and watch your hands (you want to come of of this with ten fingers).

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