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Exciting Times

Hey all!

It has been a great start to this blog, while only being in existence for about 6 months we have seen a great response and can’t begin to tell you about how excited I am. Currently I am working on a few ideas to make this website even better, but until then, here are some things you might not already know about.

First off, we have a Facebook Fan Page, where I will have all the post from the blog, but other content as well.  This also allows you to connect with other Tiny House folks.  We are a close knit community and it is fun to meet others in it.

Next if you are a twitter person, follow me on twitter, again all the post, some extra content and various interesting things are shared through here.

Finally tell your friends about the blog and let me know about things you find (Tiny Houses, Products, Eco-Friendly things, etc.), I’ll post it and share with the community.

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