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EPA: “Where You Live Matters More Than How You Live”

There have been many who have claimed that we are going to have to live in closer proximity.  A new study talks about this, to sum it up, Where You Live Matters More Than How You Live.  An interesting study released from the EPA now shows how what type of housing, the density of housing and the proximity to transit you live is a greater impact than if you work to live green.

Now the combination of living green and in dense housing, located near transit will have a huge cumulative effect, it can be as much as 30% more efficient.

Read more at the EPA

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  1. Is this more cost effective? Would I be better off buying a home in the suburbia near a public transportation hub, with higher living expenses, and a mortgage, than a tiny house on a piece of land just outside the city? What if I telecommute?

    This has been an arguing point for some green urban architects I’ve met in my life. Why worry about embodied energy of steel and glass skyscrapers with 2000 square foot condos in them if you are saving energy by walking to the grocery store?

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