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This interesting hut, designed to be setup without any foundation, it is very low impact in that sense.  I think what I might like more than the house, is the land, how gorgeous is that view!  It features a small bathroom and a small kitchen, but hide them from view allowing a blank space to be organized in many ways to suite your needs.  The house itself uses solar panels and water catchment to be off the grid.


  1. water toilet, chemical or dry composting? wouldnt mind seeing plans or some indication of how the kitchen and washing facilities emerge from the minimal design.

  2. Interesting idea, but why didn’t the builder use the logs for the structure instead of just stacking them up to hide the interior? You don’t have to build foundations to use log construction, it’s just going to rot away after a few years. The logs across the top look like they’re just going to rot because of the flat roof. Flat roofs are not the way to go in the hills.

  3. You’re right, the view is magnificent. I wonder where that is? I hadn’t even thought about the roof issues–seems like if your walls were strong enough to stand up to the snow and you had a tiny grade to your roof pitch, you’d be fine and would benefit from the extra insulation.

  4. I like the facade, but I would like to have more ventilation on the inside. It would get extremely hot in the summer! I would also be concerned about rot and wonder how the facade could be used a a rainscreen, but with a more practical design for longevity.

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