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East Village Shoebox

Imagine taking a 500 square foot apartment with only one window and make it liveable.  I had posted a photo of this not too long ago, but I didn’t have any photos of the rest of the place.  I love the sleeping nook in this apartment and the space was just executed so well.

“[They] incorporated tons of white and wood to open the space and make it feel lighter. They also removed most of the doors and replaced the empty wall space with sleek and simple compact storage. In fact, there is storage space within nearly every surface of the apartment, including overhead spots and even tucked into the stairs climbing toward the loft.  Minimal fixtures and alcoves built directly into the tile walls make the bathroom appear large and luxurious, even by New York standards! The kitchen also feels super spacious with even more storage and ultra chic appliances offset by brightening white tile.”








  1. This is just wonderful! Are there drawers under each stair tread? It
    looks like there might be little holes to pull drawers out on one photo. Its just a great space.

  2. Wow, this space was really well thought out. And I love the decoration with light tones. Great inspiration! 🙂

  3. What a beautiful home! I lived in a 600 square foot house for several years, and I loved it. (I also miss it!) I can’t wait to get back into a smaller place.

  4. This is amazingly beautiful! I could live in this space easily and happily, without question.

  5. I love it and would love to live there

  6. Love the use of a light-reflecting palette to “enlarge” the space and the thought that went into storage. To be even more livable I wonder if the desk could have been convertible into a dining surface? Lovely, still.

  7. A gifted designer can make a closet livable! This is beautiful and very livable!

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