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I found this great gem today, it is only 320 square feet, but loaded with a strong aesthetic appeal.  The architects wanted think about want is truly necessary in a home in response to our ever growing housing.  They identified a few key things that every person needs: place to sleep, eat, bathe and commune with fellowship.  I think they have done an excellent job in reducing the form to its most basic elements.

The house features geothermal heating and these large doors that roll over the glass to trap in heat or cool air depending on the season.  What I am really glad to see is the inverse roof;  often on designs similar to this, they use a flat roof to go along with the modern aesthetic, but the roof is more practical, allows for thermal cooling and helps facilitate water catchment.


  1. I remember seeing this home on display at the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair ’09 a little more than a year ago. It was an interesting home, and one that made an impression on me.

    The double walled siding I thought was gorgeous, and an idea that I think I’ll use on my future time home. I’m less interested with the inverse wall, as I think it might have issues with heavy Midwest snowfalls. A simple shed roof gives much of the same benefits with easier construction. Things like the glass wall, insulated over shutters and breazeway below the roof make for some very good ideas and done in a very clean way.

  2. I really like this design. It has grabbed my interest unlike many designs. I do see the infamous stairs which is wonderful. Sadly, I think they missed a great storage opportunity by not making the stairs storage drawers. I guess that is just my pet-peev though.

  3. this is one of my favorites ever posted. Any one know the footprint?

  4. Lots of wasted space.

    See tips and tricks for tiny homes: http://tinyhouseforum.com/topic.php?id=25

  5. I’ve been looking at tiny homes for a while, and I have to say that this is one of my favorite designs! Lots of light, very open, and an overall good use of space. Alterations I’d make:
    A four-burner stovetop and a hood
    A kitchen island for more counterspace and storage
    Bookshelves/storage under the stairs (great idea, Margaret!)
    A redesigned bathroom–too much wasted space right now, and I’d probably want a deep tub instead of just a shower stall.
    I love the two lofts design and the high windows!

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