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Down & Dirty Organizing

Here are some videos of a lady who read this book Unclutter Your Life in One Week.  Now I should put in a side note, she is a scrapbook / photography blogger, so you will see her drop things about scrap booking.  Regardless of that fact she does a great demonstration of practical tips about how to reduce your stuff and how to organize what is left.

unclutter your life

A few key points she mentions:

  • All thing have a place and are in their place
  • Try to get things off the floor
  • Only have things that you love


  1. The rationale seems to g: unclutter > to live a remarkable life> so you won’t be forgotten!!??

    Why would anyone want to be remembered past their death? Talk about emotional clutter/burdens… all previous remarkable lives must be remembered forever by coming generations.

    Not that stuff and messes should rule our lives, and history is important but a bit of perspectives wouldn’t hurt.

    • Yeah I thought that was kinda odd. There seems to be something in the human condition which many seek, not to be forgotten. This could be tied into our mortality, to ego, to fill in the blank.

  2. “Unclutter Your Life In One Week”- I think its called a “house fire”….
    I might have to check the book out- as my own little computer office makes the cover shot of that book look “Martha Stewart” anally-neat! No kidding….
    Great find Ryan- thanks


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