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Designing A Tiny House Community

Many of you have heard me talk about Google Sketchup, it is a pretty easy drawing utility that allows you to draw floor plans, models, tiny houses etc all for free.  I really like it and it can be downloaded here for free:  sketchup.google.com/

I thought I would share some models I have found for you all to use to design your own Tiny House community, to see what it might look like!  I want to see what your creativity can do!  I want to see how you envision a Tiny House Community.  Use the models I have here, add your own, add some landscape etc. When you are done tinkering send them to me and I will share them on the blog.  My email is ryan112ryan [at] yahoo.com

Download Tiny House Models right click and save as here

  1. The link is prompting me for your password. So, not working. 😉

  2. Thanks Ryan ,

    This is a great website.

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