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Cutting The Cable

One month ago I cut the cable, I now no longer have cable TV.  There was a period were I kept wanting to watch a particular show, but now I find that I don’t really want to watch TV except the occasional DVD that I can get from Redbox or Netflix.  The decision was brought about for two reasons, first off in my mind, it was more money than I thought it was worth, second was that once I got used to not having it, I wouldn’t really missed it.

This was a step in simplification of my life as I make my way to a tiny house.  One of the expected outcomes of having a simpler life is that you then get to focus on relationships and enjoying the company of those around you.  With this change an interesting thing happened.  On the rare occasion I did want to see a particular show, me and friends started getting together for dinner, then we would watch the show.  We would cooks these great meals from scratch, teach those who didn’t cooks, how to cook and that 30 minute show became a 4 hours social event.  So what once was a purely idle and anti-social event, became a social event, education, focused on good food. fun and interactive. There just might be something to this 🙂


  1. We cut cable years ago when I found myself watching an Oprah episode. Nothing against Oprah but I find watching someone talk about relationships rather than having my own kinda freaky. Next best decision we ever made (besides following Jesus). Our kids are excellent Scrabble players as a result.

  2. I agree. We original cut the cable as a cost saving measure when I was laid off some three years ago. But after more than 2 being gainfully employed, getting any form of piped TV just seems wasteful. We don’t miss it at all.

    We also take advantage of our local library’s inner library loan program instead of netflix. There is no streaming, but the wait is never long in the worse case, and you’re paying for it anyway (via property taxes) so you might as well use it.

    I have even cut my internet line in my house at the same time, although I’m working to reinstate that at least somewhat using ham radio email links.

  3. Congrats on a great Decision! I did it years ago and never looked back. Sometimes I block all the channels of the local stations. My kids seem to live a more enriching life as a result. They read, sing, sleep, play and perform better. There is never a dull moment in my house. They always have to recover after watching mindless cable tv when they visit their mother. MY replacement has been reading and I have acquired tons of experience points in the process. It’s surprising how much you can learn in a short period of time when you strategically select titles.

  4. We got rid of our cable over a year ago. I thought I was going to die the first week. But we find most of the shows we like on the net. But it did cut down how much TV we watch a week. Now we have extra time to do other productive things.

  5. I cut my cable a few months ago also.
    I decided to basically stop watching for a couple months, then once I realized that it was no big deal, I just brought the box back to their office.
    For me it was a mainly the terrible quality of programming, from news to entertainment. I got to the point where I felt all the news outlets were actively trying to manipulate me. I basically thought, “right, they can go that route if they want to, but I’m not going to pay them for it.”
    With the extra time I read and cook a lot more. I’ll allocate some of the money saved to independent podcasters and bloggers.

    In the end its all about being more critical with where my resources go. Tiny houses fit right into that as well.

  6. Great stuff! I cut cable (and the landline phone) over a year ago. Best thing I ever did. There was a withdrawal period for my tween daughter… she thought she might die. But we all survived. I don’t get good cell reception so we still needed a phone. I went with that magic-jack thing attached to my computer. I’ve heard some not-so-good things about the device. But I’ve had it for over a year without problems. Nice to hear others severing the tether to the tv though. I should have done it years ago.

    • magic jack is a hit or miss. I own 3 of them. First one was okay,second one was a dream come true and the last one is okay again. It is still somewhat new tech and they are still working out the bugs, but for $20 a year what do expect? You get what you pay for.

  7. i gave up t.v. completely. got a personal dvd player and enjoy it so much more. it is not mindless anymore flipping a remote to a gazillion channels and finding nothing worthwhile to watch.
    now it is a concious decision what to watch, so much so that i still don’t think of the dvd’s as i can always find something to do.

  8. Internet for me is really enough, and I most often dont watch TV. But, if I cut cable, I dont get nothing. My cable provider is also my internet provider. If I use some other internet provider, maximum savings would be just 10% than the price of cable + internet with this provider, and I cant use some other cable provider. It sounds like complicated, dirty businesses… 🙂 If it is different, I would cut cable too.

  9. I cut the cord a year ago. Never looked back. I will never pay for that garbage again. Mind control and manipulation – that we pay for the priviledge of – how silly is that?

    Reading and occasional films in the evenings.

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