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Cube Project

This is a particularly interesting house, not only because it is Tiny, but because it primary focus is looking at the psychological effects of downsizing.  Dr. Page is working under the assumption that climate change will gradually force us to downsize quite drastically, but how will that impact us?  How will we cope with the change?  What are the factors that mitigate negative outcomes?

It is quite an interesting questions, when people are forced to downsize, what are the implications for our society?

Cube Project


  1. The only Q I have is how many weeks till you break a leg in this house?

    • Interesting, though not accessible – and the point about breaking a leg is well taken. Some railings for safety perhaps?

      Still, the vertical use of space to partially stack locations in a smaller fotprint then would otherwise be possible is pretty cool. Provides alot of possible storage space too … are those cabinet doors on the q-bert like stepped surfaces?

  2. Oops – comment above meant as a general comment not a reply 🙂

  3. That’s a hermit house.
    Kind of like living in the cab of a bigrig truck. If a marriage/relationship isn’t absolutely solid … it will destroy it within 2 weeks of 24/7. If it is solid, I’d give it a year before one of the partners decided they can’t tolerate it anymore.
    It’s too much in each other’s space with no room for reprieve. Can’t even go to opposite ends without being within arms reach.

  4. Lots of wasted space:

    Tips and tricks for tiny homes: http://tinyhouseforum.com/topic.php?id=25

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