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Cube Home For 3

So just a little bit ago I spoke about how many people are turning to having everything put into a central cube of sorts, with the bed on top.  Here is another one that does just that.  The really awesome thing I like about this is the underfloor storage that doesn’t have handles but instead uses a suction cup handle to lift it open.  This leaves a much cleaner look without the need for handles.

  1. Wonderful house! I wish I have a functional and practical house like that.

  2. I did a double take – our business apartment in Lucerne is exactly like this, probably slightly wider and shorter, but exactly the same principle. Because it’s wider, there is room to divide what is here the bedroom into two rooms which we use as a bedroom and office. The kitchen being wider means everything is on one wall (no separate run of units).
    Apparently, the concept is fairly common!

  3. I love the idea of compact and efficient storage. Another thing about small children is that they will “use” all of the space they have when in live-action-mode. If it is a smaller space, they can’t make such a big mess and have an easier time cleaning it up. I can see where a family would need another room for the child. Privacy being the issue. We are old and retired. We have downsized to a much smaller home that is just for the two of us. Economics forced us to take action. Now, I’m glad it is done.

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