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Cricket Trailer

Some times it is really useful to look at campers and boats for great ideas, in both their cases they need to deal with efficient use of space because of limited availability.  So today we have an interesting trailer that for some might be interesting in its own right, for others it will be useful for design ideas.  For me the awesome fold down faucet was a pretty neat thing I hadn’t seen before.  Below is also a video.







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  1. Ryan, thank you for your interesting and well-done web site/blog.
    I just read the one on the Cricket, which inspired me to go to their website and am this close/ to placing my order. The most encouraging detail for me(aside from excellent design and materials) is the low weight, allowing me to use my Toyota van.
    Keep up enlightening us. Oh and the blog on your small house just a few days ago showed a very well done, tasteful renovation.
    My thanks, gail

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