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Corn Waste Into Board

From time to time I have talked more about the specifics of building your home by getting down to the actual materials. In this article I talked about metal foams and other future products. Today I found this really interesting product that uses corn husks, remnants after corn is picked, which is currently a waste product.

In a two acre plot of corn, there are enough corn husks left over to sheet a typical two story home!  Now to give you an idea, in 2009 86 million acres of these husks were created in America.  From reading around I discovered that as these husks brake down, they actually release Co2, but with these boards, you don’t have that release, in fact, they have shown that the boards still remove Co2! The resin they use is a non-toxic low-VOC formula that is non-petrochemically based.


  1. They’re beautiful just as they are!

    What a wonderful use of “throw aways.”

  2. And if you take the “corn waste” out of the field instead of letting it compost there, that’s even MORE anhydrous ammonia that will have to be added next season.

  3. Corn stover is also being explored as a source for cellulosic based ethanol, an alternative fuel.
    Unfortunately, as is mentioned in another comment, there is a high value in leaving harvest waste products in place. Not only do nutrients return to the soil (not all the carbon is lost that was captured in plant growth) but erosion is controlled and a rich habitat for beneficial fauna and flora exists that enriches the ecology of farm fields. Earth worms have become the “plow” of modern no-till farming. Take away the stover and you lose this valued partner in maintaining soil health.

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