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Cork Tiny House

This is a really interesting aesthetic for a tiny house, it is actually molded recycled cork.  There is a bedroom, bathroom, and what looks like a space that might work for a small kitchenette.  equipped with solar panels, this pod can be dropped just about anywhere.   The designer described it like this:

The red exterior boasts a distinctive organic aesthetic which is not only directed by design but also the main constituent of the building: non-polluting and recycled cork.  The interior maximizes area by the strategically placed sink and toilet hidden behind a partition with bed and shelving occupying the remaining volume.  The temporary feature installation does not require any infrastructure and can be delivered to various destinations with currently available transport.












  1. Whoa! I honestly feel claustrophobic just looking at the interior of this design. It must be the sloping curvature of the walls that makes me feel like I’m inside a very small mining cave! Fun to look at, but I couldn’t live in it.

  2. I applaud the “outside the box” mentality that created this !!

  3. This doesn’t have anything to do with this article specifically, just saw this article and thought of your page…the world needs more tiny houses!

  4. Umm… very unique. I really had to take a hard look at the pictures to completely visualize and understand the interior. It’s definitely one of a kind. I wonder what something like that would actually cost… and how well it would stand up to the elements? It would actually make a super vacation camp on a lake or something. And make people really stop and stare. That’s a plus!

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