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Converted Micro Maid’s Quarters

This tiny house was once a maid’s quarters long ago, but now has been converted to a full on house.  With only 182 square feet this tiny house packs a lot in.  With a full bathroom, kitchen, bed loft, and laundry it is pretty impressive.  The stairs  are all pull out drawers that server as the storage for all the apartment.


  1. Now that’s a beautiful, efficient house!

  2. Beautiful pics are convincing. Floor plans and/or section drawings would be useful. The average single American (who is not still living with his/her parents) will want to live in a 2 bedroom apartment that is a minimum of 800-1200SF. Just think, this pictured apartment is 78% smaller and the quality……. as the ad says, priceless! 🙂 Tx, Rich

  3. This shows it can be done! Beautiful pics, but I too would like to see the floor plan to get an idea of the spacing and sleeping arrangement.

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