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Compact Appliances

Living the tiny life does not have to mean forgoing those modern comforts and conveniences. Today’s manufacturers are creating some incredibly small, dual-action appliances that can work in a small space and allow modernity and tiny living to go hand in hand. Here are some of my favorites!

The Summit 1.8 Cu. Ft. Combination Washer/Dryer is tiny! At 24″ it could fit right under a counter top, conveniently tucked away. Wherever I lived in my tiny house, I had friends and neighbors who would let me use their washers and dryers but it’s great to be more self-sufficient in your needs and not have to rely on anyone when it comes to doing your laundry. I don’t mind going to the laundry mat but for those folks who want the modern convenience this product could very well meet your needs!


I really like the Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier for it’s compactness and very low use of electricity. It is practically maintenance free and easy to use. Living in a tiny space that is well-insulated can lead to mold issues, especially around windows, so anything you can do to reduce humidity is helpful to maintaining a healthy environment in your tiny space.

mini dehumidifier

The LG 9000 BTU Energy Star Single Zone Art Cool Mirror Mini-Split is one of many mini-splits out there. It’s boasts the ability to cool, as well as heat, up to 400 sq. feet. I feel that, after living in the South in a tiny house, it is well worth the investment in a mini-split that will save you space, be energy efficient and keep you comfy. This unit also features a dehumidifying mode that will shut off the system before a space gets too cold. Top that off with a built-in air purifier and you’ve got a unit that covers the gamut of air quality and temperature control in a small space.

minisplitairconditionerSo the Avanti 2 Mini Keg Portable Party Pub is not a necessary item by any means but I really want a kegerator at some point! They are just so fun and drinking beer is a totally different experience when you pull it from a tap! This one can fit 2 mini kegs and even has a shelf to cool your pint glasses! Some people want cappuccino machines, others can’t live without a dishwasher, but I have to admit that if I was going to splurge and get something I totally didn’t need it would be one of these!


The Fagor Energy Star 24 Inch Fully Integrated Refrigerator has a unique system that reduces condensation helping to lower the humidity and eliminating the need to defrost! It’s also energy efficient and at 24″ wide has a neatly compact quality with tons of storage! For the size of the unit, it packs an organizational punch. My next tiny house may very well have one!


Your Turn!

  • What appliances can’t you do without?
  • Have any favorite mini-appliances to recommend? Please share!


  1. I read the reviews of the Summit 1.8 Cu. Ft. Combination Washer/Dryer on Amazon and it doesn’t seem like it is very reliable and doesn’t work very good at all when it does work. That’s too bad because I was interested in buying one. I guess I’ll keep looking.

  2. I’d have to have them all.

  3. I don’t mind using a laundrymat, it’s driving 41 miles out of my way round-trip to use one that gets annoying. I actually ended up buying more clothes so that I could go longer between laundry trips. I keep looking at compact washer/dryers for one that gets good reviews, but I haven’t seen one yet. If anyone knows of one I would love it if you would share!

  4. Most washer/dryer combos are prone to breaking down. Ultimately, a small 24″ washer and line drying clothing is best.

  5. http://www.danby.com/en/US/our_products/specialty/ddw611wled

    This is the best little luxury going, in my opinion. It is hard to do dishes from a full meal for two in three gallons of water and get them sanitized, but this will do it, and it does it quietly and efficiently. I have the previous model, and it has held up well for 8 years. No reason to think this one wouldn’t.

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