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Coin Card

I’m a nerd at heart, its true, I have no shame in that fact.  So two things that I’ve always looked to pare down are my wallet and my key chain; I’ve done my best in reducing what I have in both, but at some point you can only get so small. The simplest way pare down even more is with some technology.   So I found this today and thought it was really awesome!



  1. That is the sort of technology I have been looking for. Something that will take all, loyally cards as well as payment cards would be even better.

  2. I want one. But I am going to wait a year for the security issues to work themselves out.

  3. I wonder if you need the code off the back(like for mail order) do you have to hunt down the physical card for that?
    I wonder if the cashier is going to question you when you try to use a generic black credit card even of you do have a picture of it??
    Disney world for example will not take a card that isn’t signed on the back, even if you wrote “see ID” in the signature space….
    I looked it up they are $55 right now half price for preordering now.

  4. I think this is great but like one of the other comments, I will wait until the security issues are worked out, I use cards for everything to reap the benefits of travel miles and keep cash out of my pocket. I would rather shred a hundred dollars then have it my pocket because that seems to be what happens. It just disappears in glove compartments or washed in laundry and left in the equipment. Just happens. Also, Canada has given up the penny now so when you pay cash, they round up, not with the card. I am over 65 so my card use is free unless I leave a balance on the credit cards so try not to do that. Cash is only good for bartering.

    I just opened my wallet and have 11 cards I cannot leave the house without and about 15 more I keep in a file pouch, will this thing work on rewards cards, metical cards, the whole scheme or just cash & credit cards. Listen to me asking these questions her, I will wait until I am ready and contact the supplier, hopefully it will work on them all.

  5. Don’t think I’ll ever need one of these, but I did end up keeping only essentials in my “real” wallet and putting all the loyalty and discount type cards in a separate one. Now I can fit each one in a pocket and it simplifies things enough for me. Still room for grandkid pictures in the real wallet too. What a disappointment it would be for a pickpocket to get the secondary wallet!

  6. So, it has a screen and a button? so what happens when the battery dies? and constant bluetooth? so even when said button and screen arent in use its still drawing some reasonable amount of power? hows it charge? also, having bluetooth means that when someone hacks your coin card instead of just getting one account they can now get them all in one go? thats really smart…

    • Love these sites, I can go on being a moron and my smart comp friends give me all the answers, I have had one account played with, all would be a nightmare. Anyone else tech savvy with advice any is welcome, I thought this would be a good idea.

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