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China’s Problem

So we have seen how we have countless neighborhoods that have been almost abandoned or stopped in mid construction.  In my post, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, it shows how California has been hit hard.  This pales in comparison to China’s empty houses.  Currently there are enough empty house in China to house roughly 2/3 the American Population.  That’s right, China currently has enough homes to house over 200 million people.

In a quest to “westernize” or “Americanize” investors dumped their wealth into constructing entire cities where there might only be a handful of people living in them.  They are so big, but so sparely populated, they don’t even have enough people to keep the city in working order.

Click the photo to see these ghost cities

  1. 200,000 homes which is 2/3 our population, but with a Chinese population of almost 1,500,000 people 200,000 a drop in the bucket for them – food for thought to be sure!

  2. China is a huge country. Not all the people live in the same area of the country plus with the little they make they probably could not afford the houses.

    “Investors” is a dirty word in my dictionary. People trying to get rich or richer without lifting a finger.

  3. you folks have not factored in one thing , TV…. brainwashing , yes , mass manipulation , yes , fits the world agenda , yes , we have a winner, in High Definition. world government is just waiting for the last few economies to fail before they bring out a world currency . foolishness . think again .

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