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Chair With A Drawer

Found this little chair with a built in drawer, for some reasons it really struck a cord with me. What I like about it is that its discrete and it offers a great storage advantage in seemingly wasted space. What you could put in this, I don’t know really know. The only thing  that comes to mind is a mobster scene where two mobsters sit across from each other, Big Jim quietly reaches into his chair drawer and pulls out his Glock and seals the deal. Besides gruesome euphemism, I could see maybe keeping a shoe horn or polishing gear. Perhaps a…. I have no idea…. What purpose do you all think this would be good for?

Chair with Storage Drawer

Found here

drawerchairFound here

  1. Stuff for tables (coasters, silverware) or desks (scissors, paperclips, notepads). Or your cell phone and remote. Or perhaps a stuffed rabbit.

    • D jones – that’s so sweet. Thanks for sharing Janna! Love yeusrolf. I like that! And, I’m liking this Natalie girls. How do you know her? And, by the way So good to talk to you the other night. I loved it. Always good to get a Janna-pick-me-up! Love ya! D

  2. I was thinking fabric napkins, but your glock scenario is much more creative!

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