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12 Cubed

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 21 13.40You might have heard about a new guy to the Tiny House movement, James Stuart of 12 Cubed.   I am excited to have him doing a set of articles for us in the coming weeks talking about his Tiny House.

His home is showcased at  twelve3.ca So check it and learn about his Tiny House.

Awesome Concept Hotel / Tiny House


Found this awesome concept for a hotel that would translate nicely to a Tiny House.  The really neat thing about this is that the skin of the structure is highly reflective so when placed in a forest it reflects the forest and almost blends in.  The skin more specifically is mirrored so it reflects outside, but you can see through it from the inside.  This affords a 360 degree view of the natural surroundings.  The architect says it would be “hung” from the tree, which seems both unrealistic and very high impact on the tree even if it could hold it.  None the less its a great idea!  Check the architect’s firm out here



Take a Hike!


For those of you who might have missed it, I recently decided to do posts only Monday to Friday, so get outside with this beautiful fall weather, the changing colors and enjoy the weekend off :)

New Approach


Hey all, I wanted to let you all know that I have started a new job and have been pretty busy.  But I still love talking about tiny houses, environmental issues and products etc.  I have also been spending more and more time trying to find tiny houses for you all, once you have covered as many as I have, plus factor in not wanting to cover what other tiny house blogs are talking about, it makes it difficult sometimes to find fresh stuff.  All these things combined and I have decided to not do posts on weekends.  It will be a Monday through Friday thing.

Of course I am always looking for help with the blog, if you  would like to write some peices or post links etc.  I would welcome you, all stories written by you, you will retain exclusive rights to.  Email me at Ryan112ryan [at] yahoo  {dot}com

Efficient Stairs

Here is a s strairs that are designed to fit into a square meter.  which is pretty impressie, even spiral stairs are a lil bit bit bigger and I really like the styling on these.


EeStairs have realised what many thought impossible,

a space saving solution designed for minimal opening sizes, where conventional staircases are simply not practical.

Limited space

There are many situations where a property can be enhanced by creating a useable space from a redundant upper level, however a consistent factor is limited space. The introduction of a staircase to provide access to a proposed upper level will invariably compromise the floor space below where originally no stair was intended.

EeStairs unique patented 1m2 staircase

EeStairs have developed the 1m2 ® staircase;

a functional, stylish and safe solution designed to fit into openings of just 1m x 1m.  EeStairs hold the patent to this unique space saving staircase and there is a license available to our business partners.

check out the designer here

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