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I see videos like this and hear about people on Interest only loans, who can’t even touch the principle and I realize…..

This is why we do, what we do, at The Tiny Life and Tiny House.  To hopefully change thinking on how we live our lives when it comes to housing.

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Stats on Clutter & Too Much Stuff

  • The u.s. department of energy reports that one-quarter of people with two-car garages have so much stuff in there that they can’t park a car.
  • According to the national soap and detergent association, getting rid of clutter would eliminate 40 percent of housework in the average home.
  • The national association of professional organizers says we spend one year of our lives looking for lost items.
  • Harris interactive reports that 23 percent of adults say they pay bills late (and incur fees) because they lose them.
  • If you rent a storage facility to store your excess belongings, you’re contributing to a $154 billion industry – bigger than the hollywood film business!
  • 1 in 11 american households rents a self-storage space and they spend over $1000 a year in rent.
  • It costs an average of $10/square foot to store items in your home.
  • In a 2008 napo survey of 400 consumers nationwide, 27 percent said they feel disorganized at work, and of those, 91 percent said they would be more effective and efficient if their workspace was better organized. 28 percent said they would save over an hour per day and 27 percent said they would save 31 to 60 minutes each day.
  • Stephanie winston, author of the organized executive, estimates a manager loses 1 hour/day to disorder, costing the business up to $4,000/yr if earning $35,000/yr – or $8,125/yr at $65,000).


Exciting Times

Hey all!

It has been a great start to this blog, while only being in existence for about 6 months we have seen a great response and can’t begin to tell you about how excited I am. Currently I am working on a few ideas to make this website even better, but until then, here are some things you might not already know about.

First off, we have a Facebook Fan Page, where I will have all the post from the blog, but other content as well.  This also allows you to connect with other Tiny House folks.  We are a close knit community and it is fun to meet others in it.

Next if you are a twitter person, follow me on twitter, again all the post, some extra content and various interesting things are shared through here.

Finally tell your friends about the blog and let me know about things you find (Tiny Houses, Products, Eco-Friendly things, etc.), I’ll post it and share with the community.

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Cost Of Houses

house costs chart

Found this interesting interactive chart that shows housing prices according to country and time periord.  really interesting to see what it is like here vs. elsewhere.

go here to check it out

Tiny House, Big Drama


So yesterday’s post obviously brought some interesting thoughts to light, some loved it, some hated it.  While it wasn’t necessarily a very good argument against tiny houses, it did bring up a few things that are food for thought.  I think it is important to realize that tiny houses address many concerns we have with McMansions and bring us into a life that is more in tune with where we want to be.  At the same time, there are downsides.

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