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Leviathan Table

I have always been interested in table ideas that I can pull out for a dinner party, but have tucked away when it is just me.  I usually will eat my meals watching a TV show (the only time I watch TV) if I’m alone, go out with friends, or go to my families house for dinner.  I like having people over for meals, but in the end it may happen one-two times a month.  Though that is the life of a bachelor I guess.

so this table breaks down to a smaller size.  While its a coffee table I like the concept and it could be done on a larger scale.







One Chair To Rule Them All?

Today I’m asking for your help: I have been trying to find a chair that can serve as a decent desk chair, but also something that is super comfortable enough to lounge in to read a book or watch a movie.  Up until this point I have had two chairs (or a desk chair and a couch):  One for working and one for relaxation.

If you think about it, they are quite different.  A desk chair is more up right, not made for laying back and kicking your feet up.  While a lounge chair typically allows you to stretch out, lean back and take a load off.  Currently the chairs I have a standard desk chair and then an Ikea POÄNG chair with an ottoman.  The POÄNG chair is incredibly comfortable and leans pretty far back.   You couldn’t easily work at a desk in this type of chair.

It seems like a lot of my generation really likes to use there laptop on their lap while sitting on the couch, but I can’t seem to do any real work when trying that.  Since I work from home, I do need a place to get serious work done, which it can be tricky to both live and work in a tiny house.  I also have a desktop, so I need to be at a desk for that reason as well.

nice_desk_chair copy

What chair can I use for a good desk chair, that is also super comfortable to read or watch in?


Transforming Micro-Apartment

I was emailed by this designer and thought it was really interesting.  There are several pieces of furniture in this video that I have seen before, but there are some new ones.  The nice thing to see is them all integrated into one space.   Below is a video of the house’s features being demonstrated.


Three Tables In One

I have talked up multi purpose things numerous times here on the blog; Today we have a table that can convert into a dining table, a desk and a coffee table.

The site describes it below:

The 3styletable includes just five components, which can be moved around (without using tools) to go from dining table to coffee table to desk. The three pieces that form the base are made from white ash, the top panels from plywood skins glued onto a frame. Everything is held together by a series of slots and ball springs, firmly locking pieces together yet allowing them to be disassembled.

To go from dining table to coffee table, the panels are taken off and the base turned on its side so it’s just 18 inches above the floor. The panels are popped back on, one a few inches above the other, making a two layered table. The desk uses a wider base and only the larger of the two panels. It’s a bare bones design- no drawers.


Chair Art

One thing that many enjoy about having a home is sharing it with others at dinner parties, visiting guest, having friends over for a party and other events.  But the trouble with a very small space is that you don’t have space to have a lot of extra furniture, just the space for the basics.  Here is an interesting alternative to spare seating. These are chairs that flatten out so you can paint them as wall art when not in use.


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