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Waste Not, Want Not


Edible Estates

Here is a great approach to how we can start to rethink the traditional construct of home and land.  Creating spaces that are no longer resource hogs, but useful and bountiful spaces is the key.

TreeHuggerTV joins Fritz Haeg to find out more about his Edible Estates project. Concerned with the global issues of land use and food production, he intends to transform the unused space of lawns into vegetable gardens.

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What’s In Your Fridge

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There is some facination with what is in people’s fridges whenever you watch MTV “cribs” which I find entertaining and depressing all at the same time.  But here is a Photojournal of people’s fridge and some interesting facts about them.  I wish I could get to the point of the fridge of the midwife.

Check it out and post a link to a photo of your fridge and tell us a bit about yourself.

Story: here

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