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Bladeless Wind Turbines

There are many that are hailing wind turbines as a viable solution to at least meeting part of our energy needs.  There are, however, some who aren’t quite ready to jump on board, because of some concerns, check our this video on some of the issues and one solution.

NY Times – Turbine-Free Wind Power from Antfood on Vimeo.

  1. I think “possible solution” is more appropriate – I would love to hear what the prototype is putting out in power.
    Being really familiar with domestic turbines (I live off-grid using a home made Piggott axial flux turbine) it’s hard for me to imagine how the sponges can be set up so as not to over-shadow (steal the wind) of the next sponges in the array.
    Looking forward to hearing the next stage of the project…..

  2. Agree w scribhneoir. Good research project, but hasn’t demonstrated anything yet, so hardly a “solution”. It would be great to hear when they have some actual numbers…

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