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Bag Tax

  1. Anyone know of the toxicity of bag breakdown over time? I always wondered about stuffing many of these within one tied bag to use as well stuffing. If not for human use, then at least for animal shelters (chicken coops), etc…
    I think Michael Janzen is trying it with his http://www.tinypallethouse.com...

    Lloyd Kahn just blogged on it too!

  2. I like the idea of this minuscule tax of a nickle per bag, however I can also see the precedence being made. I always forget to bring my reusable bags with me when I go shopping, but I don’t throw away the plastic bags I receive. Unless they’re ripped, I reuse them as trash bags, typically getting three or more uses out of each bag before I must finally dispose of them. One annoyance I have, however, is that recycling centers won’t take the plastic bags – and the same is said with glossy papers too. It just doesn’t make sense – and I admit I haven’t done research as to why neither of the two products are allowed to be recycled, so the ignorance is on my part.

    • The problem is that with some recycling is that it can cost a lot of money to do and also a lot of power. With most recycling the benefit to electricity ratio is poor, often meaning we expend more then we get. We need to focus on reducing.

      As for the tax and precedence, yes I don’t like that, it should be the company/store charging if anything.

  3. See here for great discussions on plastic bags (scroll down a bit): http://fakeplasticfish.com/

    • What a great blog! I have been thinking of tracking my own trash to get a better idea and make some changes. Products are so over packaged, it makes me sick!

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