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Andrew Morrison at the 2016 Tiny House Conference


Now that it’s 2016, the Tiny House Conference is officially right around the corner. The conference will be even bigger and better as it moves into its third year. It will take place in Asheville, North Carolina, April 2-3. We’re having a blast organizing the event and planning out all the great features and special extras we have in store for you guys.

This year we’re bringing back Andrew Morrison, tiny house designer and builder extraordinaire. Andrew is one of the big movers and shakers of the tiny house world right now. In addition to offering resources to tiny house builders, he teaches strawbale building workshops and travels the world to give talks about the tiny lifestyle.

At the conference, Andrew will be teaching the Building Basics and Advanced Building sessions. We’re excited to have him on board for the 2016 Tiny House Conference! Check out his speaker bio here and watch his video preview below.

  1. I live in Upstate South Carolina. Currently, I am researching how to start a tiny house community for autistic adults. The basic idea is a main house for the support staff quarters, group activities, laundry room, etc. I would like to have about ten tiny homes for residents. My question is: Would having a regular sized house on the property improve my chances of obtaining land for the tinies?

  2. No idea, about regulations, but what a great idea!! Don’t give up on it.

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