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Advertisers Program

The Tiny Life is a website with a strong and dedicated following. We appeal to those who are interested in tiny homes, eco-friendly topics and simple living so that your advertisements reach your customers directly. We seek to enhance our readers’ experience by providing high quality ads relevant to them. We will only sell ad space to related products/services that are in good standing with the tiny house community. We do not sell/rent our readers’ contact information. We work with small and large firms and can customize billing to your needs at a level you can afford.

Our Advertisers Program will provide the following:

  • Dedicated ad space above the fold
  • Tracking of ads
  • Ad design services*
  • Logo and web development*
  • Featured product post*

*other fees apply

Current Offerings:

We currently offer two standard ad spaces. 300 x 150 and 300 x 300. Below you can see how these ads will implement on our page.
Example ad 300 x 300

Example ad 300x150

Price Offerings:

Our pricing is based on what other advertisers are paying us through Google AdSense. This means that the rate you pay is independently established as the market rate. We do pricing on an individual client basis. Several factors go into how much advertising will cost. These include ad size, ad placement, number of impressions, etc. Please contact us at ryan[at]thetinylife.com for more information. In general we charge a certain rate per CPM, we also charge for ad designs and featured product post.

Site Implementation:


300 150

300 300