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A Group Of Tiny Houses

I came upon a collection of Tiny House photos today and thought I’d share them for design inspiration.  I don’t however have any info on them at this point.

Image Collection from Nano House by Phillis Richardson

  1. The top one (the green one) is at the COSI science museum in Columbus, OH. It’s not, however, open to tour – you can walk around it, though.

    • Having seen the COSI one in person (the windows are quite large so you can see inside well). I have to say it is really more of a “green” showcase than a reasonable tiny house. There seemed to be lots of wasted space, and inadequate storage. I say that despite wanting to build my own tiny house and already living in a studio apartment not much bigger than a tumbleweed tiny house.

  2. I guess I was non-plussed by the COSI house. I’d consider it something more like a work of art than a model for a livable tiny house. It does fit in with the whole feel of the COSI museum, though.

  3. i wonder if that third house from the top rolls. it’s like: oh yeah, my kitchen is on the ceiling. hmm… i wonder how they did the toilet?

    • The rolling house has been featured on here before; it’s shown here: http://www.thetinylife.com/rolling/.

      Quote from the page: “Now this is pretty interesting concept, the wood interior is beautiful. Students at the University of Karlsruhe in Germany have developed a rolling house. It allows you to roll the house to alter the orientation of various elements to suit your need of the space. I can’t help thinking that I would feel like a hamster in a hamster ball, but I think the novelty of it would overcome that. I would think you would have to have some stationary part of this though, with storage, there are some things that just could not handle going upside down.”

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