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6 Hour Shed

So this shed ranging from 64 square feet to 240 square feet can be set up in as little as 6 hours!  While you would need to add the utilities this can be pre-configured for your needs.  Here is what they say about the materials they use:

Currently Studio Shed’s prefabricated panels use a variety of green building materials. Every Studio Shed is constructed from FSC-certified dimensional lumber. Both the aluminum-frame windows and the HardieBacker siding are recyclable materials. They use Low-VOC paint on all surfaces and have engineered the structure to create an absolute minimum of waste.

  1. This design is fantastic! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. These shed do not come with the siding installed on the panels. This isn’t a true depiction of the shed installation. Installing the siding was a very time consuming and frustrating part of our DIY project. The instructions were horrible.

  3. Do you know of any company in Victoria Australia that makes this type of product?

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