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5 Reason To Buy Your Conference Tickets Early

We just launched the new Tiny House Conference website with all the details about our 2015 Tiny House Conference which will be held in Portland, OR.  With the launch of the site we are announcing our early bird tickets, which you save $50 on each ticket!

Today I thought I’d share 5 reasons you should buy tickets now, instead of waiting to later.


1. $50 off until Oct. 1st

It isn’t often we do discounts on tickets and I got dozens of emails last year asking if there was going to be another sale as we got closer to the event.  I had to sadly say there wasn’t and people who waited to the last few months or weeks, had to pay full price.

2. You get first pick of your sessions

We are doing things a little different than last year.  This year we are having people choose their sessions at the time of registration.  Meaning that as the sessions fill up, your choices will be less.  So for those who register early, they can choose any session they want, while those who wait to the last minute might have no choice at all, because the other sessions are filled up.

3. You’ll get first chance at booking the accommodations of your choice

You may decide that you want to stay at the hotel, but some may opt for a hostel or an airbnb; what about booking a stay at the Tiny House Hotel which is in Portland?  I know the hostels have limited beds, the Tiny House Hotel only has 5 tiny houses to stay in, so if you wait until later, your options may be limited.

4. Flights are much cheaper right now

Booking flights last minute can get expensive, so don’t wait until the very end.  A recent trip to Portland from the east coast was only $350 round trip when I booked it 3 months in advance; I checked a few weeks before I left and the same flight had risen to $1,200!

5. We have some pretty awesome special surprises coming your way

For those who register in 2014 we are going to have pretty amazing bonus material that we will be announcing soon.  Things like free exclusive videos, free webinars, and special emails.

  1. Ryan,
    met you at last years and would like to come again. What are the dates?
    Thanks, tina

  2. AWESOME! Thank you for sharing! I am checking into budget and schedule to see if I can attend! Hope to see you there!

  3. Is the agenda/itinerary available yet? I attended a two-day seminar by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses – do you know if this conference is similar? Thanks so much – BCM

    • Hey BCM,

      You can find out all you’d want, including the schedule at tinyhouseconference.com

      The main differences between the Conference and a Tumbleweed workshop is for the conference we bring experts for each individual topic, while tumbleweed only has one person speaking broadly about it all. We also have actual houses at the Conference for you to tour in person, which most Tumbleweed workshops don’t have.

      Finally it is the largest tiny house gathering on earth, so you have more experts, more tiny house dwellers and first timers to connect with and learn from.

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