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5 Person Home In 6 Hours

I found this pretty neat house that is designed to be a post disaster shelter, but has the potential to be so much more.  It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing post disaster houses and can be setup in 6 hours with 5 people.  The house is designed to shelter 5 people in a short term situation.  Below is a video of the construction.  I could image the addition of a metal roof and some better siding would make this a much more permeate house for 1-2 people.



  1. Two questions:

    What is the price?

    Are there models for northern countries?

    I am from Russia

  2. I like the speed of the assembly but can you say 70’s flashback to paneled houses?

  3. Andrei Belyakov: this in article is most likely some architects wet dream not suitable for mass production. for real nothern climates-ready small houses look for “friggenbod” small houses in sweden. there are lots of producers of such small houses that make them ready to live in northern climates like http://www.enkelrum.se/?en/our-houses/e20.html . try ecohousefilm.com 🙂

    • Thanks for link about houses in Sweeden/ They seem to be for summer only.

      In Russia we also have such cottages for vacations in summer but not in winter.

      Cold-proof sandwich-panel or something of the sort are required for winter life at -15.

      The point is there is no low-cost in construction all over the world.

      Levittown is away.

      That is a great problem for develloping nations ana as I can notice also for developped

  4. Awesome! I’d live in that! Perhaps sales would help fund?

  5. What is the toilet/shower situation? Where is it?

    • Perhaps could replace the porch with a bathroom / shower room? I would want a bathroom and a shower (even if it is a small one). 🙂

  6. I really like this, and it does look like with a few modifications, this could be more permanent. Is there anywhere we can learn more about this?

  7. Here is where I found it


  8. I would love to have one in our back yard; LOL like a ‘guest house’ of sorts.

  9. reminds me of Thoreau’s tiny living quarters . . .


  10. doesn’t seem to be any water/plumbing/bathroom.
    also-there is a “cooking” area but no electric/gas?

    i guess this could be added. what is cost and where would
    someone purchase the “kit” ?

    looks beautiful! how would u insulate for hot or cold climate?


  11. I like the simplicity of the design. It looks really nice.

  12. Very practical and convenient!

  13. We NEED a bathroom,sink,kitchen. But otherwise we’d love to have one similar. Loved living in a 20 foot motorhome. It had it all, and transportation.

  14. What kind of materials are used here?

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