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365 Black

I’ll say this now, this has nothing to do with Tiny Houses or Tiny Living, its just a soap box moment.   So if you don’t feel like reading this, it’s OK, my feelings won’t be hurt 🙂

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So I found this website today and I thought it had to be a joke, but it absolutely legitimate (whois report for http://www.365black.com/).  This website is a for African-American Customers Only.  It talks about how McDonald’s is for African Americans.  I am astonished because this is essentially separate but equal being rehashed.  I think its also McDonalds saying things about African Americans, not in a good way.  A company has a responsibility to be equally diverse and follow Equal Opportunity Act, but this seems a bit far….is it just me?

At McDonald’s®, we believe that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year — not just during Black History Month. That’s the idea behind 365Black.com. It’s a place where you can learn more about education, employment, career advancement and entrepreneurship opportunities, and meet real people whose lives have been touched by McDonald’s.

To balance this off I found this website called  “Stuff White People Like” Here

  1. You are mistaken about the site "Sutff White People Like". If you read the article about camping, you will notice that it is a site to make fun of white people. If a white person did the same thing, we would be called racist.

  2. Good post. But, 365Black is ridiculous. I think this is one of those things that we're all going to look back on and say "I can't believe they thought like that!"

    Doodiepants.com wrote something up about it as well.

  3. For years now, it seems that everyone is expected to be equal, but as 365Black illustrates, it's all just rhetoric. Truthfully, most folks (white especially) attempt to be tolerant. It's black folks themselves – yes, the one's that purport to be so mistreated – that are the most racist. I speak from experience because I am Native American. I was called a red-N as a child. I KNOW what discrimination feels like, first hand. Darrell, you're so right, bud. If a white (or red or any other color) had a website just for them, similar to 365Black, or was promoting any other race, the blacks would be screaming their civil rights are being violated. Sadly, it'll never ever stop until THEY do!

  4. By the way, this post about 365black, Ryan, was a bit off topic, but it's generated a lot of unified responses.

  5. Unfortunately, I think you’re quite mistaken. Lots of companies – and non-profits – and educational institutions – and service organizations – set up specific outreach campaigns to approach or enhance their communication with specific demographics. “Separate but equal” was a fig-leaf aimed at *denying* equal access and *maintaining* an unjust status quo. This is hardly that.

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