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30 Awesome Container Homes

Today I found this neat 120 page e-book that showcases 30 container homes for some design inspirations.  Many of these are pretty big, but still they show what you can do with these containers and see how to use what can sometimes be a long and narrow space.

  1. How much dinheiro can a container be picked up for and are they available in quantity?

  2. I love the concept of the book but I wish that these books would contain floor plans!! Why do so many books about houses not include floor plans of the houses? Who doesn’t want to see what the floor plan is?

  3. I agree with Cass completely. Floor plans are the basics of homes and if none are included I move on.

  4. I think some of the issues regarding floor plans is that shipping container homes vary so much in design from client to client. Unlike things like the McMansions for example which often mimic each other.

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