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Cricket Trailer

Some times it is really useful to look at campers and boats for great ideas, in both their cases they need to deal with efficient use of space because of limited availability.  So today we have an interesting trailer that for some might be interesting in its own right, for others it will be useful for design ideas.  For me the awesome fold down faucet was a pretty neat thing I hadn’t seen before.  Below is also a video.







Renovated Small House

So many people think I’m crazy when I talk about living in Tiny Houses and the truth is…. it is a bit crazy.  I realize that 15o square feet is insanely small, part of the appeal for me is the challenge of seeing if I can do it.  My long term plan is to live in a Tiny House for a good while then shift to a small house.  I found this 600 square foot house and really liked the design but also the balance of keeping it small, but functional.




Chair Art

One thing that many enjoy about having a home is sharing it with others at dinner parties, visiting guest, having friends over for a party and other events.  But the trouble with a very small space is that you don’t have space to have a lot of extra furniture, just the space for the basics.  Here is an interesting alternative to spare seating. These are chairs that flatten out so you can paint them as wall art when not in use.


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