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Monthly archive for January 2012

This Old Boat

Today we have an interesting post of an old boat that has been reclaimed into a floating house.  This Old Boat is a project by John Kolsun and he has posted some photos at our Facebook Page.  To see more photos click the image, while you are on The Tiny Life’s Facebook page, help us out and “like” us if you haven’t already!  John states:

I know my project will have to be different from others. Up until this point I have not given any thought of recycling, reusing, reclaiming, and repurposing building materials to create my project. Cutting cost is a necessity, I’ll seek out and acquire building materials from current construction projects, soon-to-be demolished homes, and people’s “junk piles.” Yup, for the project to move forward I would have to scavenge old doors, windows, fixtures, etc.


See more photos & Like Us: click the image below.

Tiny House Is Too Small

There is an interesting twist over in Sweden when it comes to Tiny House and student housing, it’s too small!  I was surprised to see this coming from Europe of all places, a part of the world where small is the norm and tiny is pretty common.  The issues stems out of the huge lack of student housing, which has recently came to a head.  With 18,000 people wait-listed just because they don’t have anywhere to put them!  For every apartment in university cities, there are 1,000 applications to rent!  So what is to be done?

Enter the Tiny house, a builder has purposed and built a model unit that is94 square feet, but university and city officials are saying that is just too small.  It would be rented for $4,400 USD per year, check it out!


What do you think, is this house too small for students?


I don’t quite know what it is, but there is just something about these Tiny Houses that are just very charming.  The photo of them in the snow makes them seem so cozy and warm.  They are modeled after some huts in India and are used as mini cabin for cross country skiing.  They come with heat, LED lights and solar ventilation.


Building Codes And Tiny Houses

Our friend over at Resources For Life, Greg Johnson posted an interesting video recently about Tiny Houses and building codes, I thought it was pretty good, so here it is!

Laundry In Small Spaces

I have recently been trying to wrap my head around how to incorporate the ability to do laundry in a small space.  I have struggled with this because laundry is something I do only every few weeks, so it begs the question, is it worth the space in a tiny house or should one just “outsource” it as some call it, to a laundry service.  If I were to have it in my tiny house the bathroom is a logical space because it is a space that you use for only a small part of the day.  The same is true for a laundry room so it makes sense to combined them and make the room more useful.   So today I wanted to show you all this video from Ikea and how they approach this problem.

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