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Driverless Cars

Recently there have been some major advances it driver assisted car technology, we are getting to the point where driverless cars are starting to become a viable option.  The state of Nevada has just passed a law allowing driverless cars that meet certain criteria.

Many ask why this is important or is it even worth pursuing?  Right now 40,000 deaths $40 billion in repair costs result from car crashes and untold billions in medical and legal costs.  From an environmental standpoint the use of such cars will almost eliminate all traffic jams on driverless only roads.  Right now America spends 4 billion hours a year in traffic, translating into 2.4 billion gallons of gasoline wasted idling in traffic per year.  I for one am excited about this future, check out these awesome videos on driverless cars.


NSFW NOTE!:  there are some swear words in this video, so best not watch at work


New Vardo Plans!

Dee Williams of Portland Alternative Dwellings has announced that they have a new house for sale, the 12 foot Vardo.  For those of you who haven’t seen Dee’s houses, they are really great lines, aesthetic and plans at a reasonable price!  The new house features a kitchenette, outdoor shower, and pull out bed.  I am excited to see some photos of this once it is built, but for those who are interested in purchasing the plans for only $30, it’s a great value.

Click here to view more details

Victorian Tiny Texas House

I found this Tiny House today from the folks over at Tiny Texas Houses, it’s been around a while, but I haven’t blogged it before.  This is what they say about it:

This is a 12′ x 20′ gingerbread cottage with the sweetest rounded loft bedroom and a beautiful 4’x4′ tub and metal tiled walls.  The kitchenette included a fold up table for breakfast.  The beautiful railings were made from new “Old Stock” spindles that were hand turned a century ago.  They are made from Poplar, Walnut, Pine, and Oak, which were mixed together to create a unique variety due to the variations in the cuts on each hand turned spindles.  This house sits near Canyon Lake serves as a bed and breakfast space that includes a whirlpool tub outside with a great area for relaxing in the Texas sun.

The part I like most about this house is the dark woods and amazing workmanship put into it.  They have such character and a high level of detail work.


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Moving And Decluttering

In the next few weeks I will be moving to another place where I can live rent free and save my money towards my Tiny House.  While I hate moving, it does present a great opportunity to getting rid of stuff.  As you pack your boxes you have a chance to consider each item, your every decision weighs on you literally as you picture yourself having to sluff each item to the next place you’ll call home.  I find moving to be a great time for getting rid of stuff, to reflect on sentimental items, remember good times.

I find it puts a lot of what is truly important in your life into perspective.  How will this move impact my friendships?  How often will I see family?  What new opportunities will it bring?  It strikes me in these moments that I have these type of thoughts and paired with the fact that most possessions almost seem burdensome.  It brings a lot of focus to things.

Perhaps I will do a post on what all of my things look like, what I was able to weed out, and if I feel very ambitious, count each item to see how many I have.  We shall see!

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